5 Things to Expect When Working with A Freight Forwarder

If you are going to be working with a freight forwarder for the first time, the below points will help. They are everything to know before taking the leap. Sound good?

Not All Items Can Be Transported

What is it that you need to transport? Unfortunately, the freight forwarder that you want to work with may not be willing to transport it. This could be as it is illegal, or because it could be dangerous to ship long distances – it could be highly flammable.

Before hiring a forwarding company, they will likely discuss with you what you can and cannot ship with them. Make sure you pay attention.

There Will be Delays

Delays are a natural part of the shipping process. Even if you are working with the best forwarding company in your area, you might still face delays. However, the best forwarding team would have excellent connections with others in the shipping industry, so the delay you might face would not be that bad.

Maintain a Good Relationship

The key to having a good experience with any freight forwarder is making sure that you and they are on good terms. You regularly have to work with them to establish this connection. This will ensure that your goods always get to where they need to be as fast as possible.

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It Will be Stress-Free

The goods that you need to be shipped may be time-sensitive, so figuring out the logistics of getting them there might be hard without working with a specialized team. You might need a lot of paperwork done to get them transported as well, which would be tough.

You will appreciate how stress-free and easy the whole process would be when working with a freight forwarder. Of course, the exact forwarding company you work with would affect how stress-free the experience would be. Work with someone experienced and who offers the type of rail or road freight options that you want.

It is Multi Staged

Once you hand over your package to the team, it won’t be placed on a ship, truck or plane immediately. It will go through multiple stages first.

Here is a rundown if you are sending a package overseas.

  1. Export Haulage – your good would be sent to the team’s warehouse.
  2. Custom clearance – the team receives clearance to get your items out of the country
  3. Origin Handling – officials will unload and check your goods when they land in the country they need to be
  4. Import customs clearance – The port authorities will clear your custom documents and release your goods
  5.  Import warehouse – your items will be sent to the import warehouse
  6. Import Haulage – your items will finally reach their destination from the warehouse

Considering everything discussed, what do you think? Hopefully, you found my points useful. There are many points to keep in mind when working with a freight forwarder. Be wise with the team you work with and look at their reputation. This ensures you will get the best job done.

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