6 Common Car Problems to Watch Out For

Even with routine maintenance, it’s completely natural for a few car issues to slip through the cracks as the years go by. You shouldn’t wait for a complete breakdown to happen, however, which would cost you countless unnecessary dollars when you can take action once the problem raises its head. So you need to know what to look out for- here are some of the most common car problems you’re likely to encounter:

Scraped Exteriors

As much as you try to keep that exterior coat of paint devoid of scratches, swirl marks, trails etc. you will find them showing up one day. If you try to clean this all out on your own, you run the risk of creating more scratches- i.e. when the small debris gets caught between the sponge and the car and is wiped around. Instead, opt for professional help- Sydney automotive paint correction will ensure that a qualified operator will eliminate embedded debris with zero risk of further damage.

Spluttering Engine

Many moving parts work cohesively together for an engine to function as it should, which means that there are possibly a lot of issues you could face but a sputtering engine is one of the most common ones. To reduce your chances of this happening, you should replace your fuel and ignition system components- make sure to check with your manufacturer on how often.

Dead Battery

Just some general information you need to know about your car battery- they usually last around 3 years or for 50, 000 miles. A dead battery usually comes about because it loses its ability to maintain a charge, therefore the amps charging through are drastically reduced. Make sure you replace your battery after it passes the 3 year/50, 000 mile mark- even if you can’t spot any signs of damage yet!

Shaky Steering Wheel

If your steering wheels begins to shake, there could be many things behind it. For example, if the wheel shakes just as you start your vehicle, this likely means there is an issue with your wheel bearings or damaged suspension components. If it happens only when you’re driving faster, this means that your tire balance is probably off-kilter. Likewise, these are matters for professional mechanics to handle.

Emissions Test

Of course given our environmental obligations, your vehicle needs to meet all the usual safety regulations. So the car would require an emissions test for registration. Should this be failed, then (since most centres give you the reason why) you can contact a mechanic to get the issue sorted.

Squeaky Brakes

Brakes tend to wear out pretty easily over the time so the moment you notice any signs of wear- for example, squeaking, grinding or a soft brake pedal, then you know it’s definitely time to replace this component. The consequences of not doing so can be quite drastic.

These problems may arise in any car after a given amount of time so make sure you catch the signs early so they don’t become too tedious to fix!

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