7 Things Employees Should Keep in Mind When Driving a Company Car

Many businesses give their employees the benefit of a company car but the question remains- do they know how to properly take care of it? The utmost priority when it comes to a company car is making it last for as long as possible without issues. This requires enforcing a few rules and keeping a thing or two in mind when driving a car.


Smoking is a personal habit and no one’s asking you to give it up but by all means please do avoid smoking in the company car! Aside from the smell it leaves behind on the seats, it also opens up the risk of damages, cleanliness issues and other hazards. Think of it this way, your building doesn’t really allow smoking within premises so likewise you should treat the company car with the same policy.


When you drive a company car (this one goes out for those with the logos on the exterior), you represent the company. So you and your car need to be polished and impeccably clean if you don’t want to damage your company’s reputation. Make sure to clean your car at the very least once a month to get rid of any debris. Some companies, when they notice that the car has been neglected, have it detailed and send the bill to the employee. The prospect of an expensive detailing bill alone gets employees to manage their cars responsibly.


The car will likely be called in for inspections at least twice a year so be prepared for this as the employer will use this as a chance to see how well you take care of your car.


Damages or crashes that occur due to neglect will solely be the responsibility of the employee so make sure that your car is maintained by reputable mechanics at all times. For commercial crash repairs, invest in a reputable company that will sort all your needs out with minimal hassle.

Traffic Citations

Keep in mind that drivers will still need to be held responsible when it comes to obeying laws and by all means, don’t think that you are immune from tickets or violations of parking just because you drive a company car. You will have to pay for it. Your employer won’t be happy if you keep breaking traffic laws so drive safe.

Employee Purchase

This is one of the biggest incentives for employees to take care of company cars because they have the chance to purchase the car after a certain amount of time. Since the employee knows they stand to gain something even after their time with the company draws to an end, they will continue to take care of it!

Unauthorized Use

Some companies tend to be quite strict about who gets to use the company vehicle. Unauthorized use (i.e. giving the car to a spouse, children, and parents) is highly frowned upon within such companies and you will likely be reprimanded if your employer gets wind of it.

These are important things every employee should keep in mind when driving a company car.

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