An Easy Guide to Changing your Tyres

If you’re a car owner then it’s absolutely necessary that you know how to change your tyres. Flat tyres are a very common occurrence and can potentially leave you stranded on the side of a road. On such occasions, there may be no one to help you, meaning that you might be stuck for an indefinitely long period of time.

Therefore, in order to prevent such a scenario, all driver, regardless of experience level, should learn how to replace a tyre. Since this can be a daunting task for newer drivers, we’ve detailed the following easy approach for your convenience:

Parking Your Car

First of all, you want to park your car on leveled ground. This will make sure that your car doesn’t roll away while you’re changing your tyres. For this reason always refrain from parking on a sloped surface. Very importantly, make sure that you’ve engaged the handbrake before you get out of the car.

Finally, place two sturdy objects on either side of the flat tyre. We recommend that you be proactive by always carryingtwo bricks or a pair of similar objects in the trunk of your car.

Removing the Tyre

With your car secured in place, it’s time to bring out the jack. It’s very important that you place it in the intended spot under the metal sections of the frame, close to the flat tyre that needs to be replaced. Otherwise you might very well end up damaging your car. If you’re not certain where to place the jack, either refer to your car’s instruction manual or call the most trusted mobile mechanic Sydney has to offer, for expert advice.

Afterwards you want to raise the jack just enough so that it reinforces the car while not lifting the tyre off the ground. This is crucial for the next step.

Next, use the wrench to take out the hubcap first. Then loosen the lug nuts by turning the wrench in the counter clockwise direction. Do not loosen them all the way just yet.

Following this, it’s time to raise the jack further in order to get the tyre off the ground. Do this until the tyre is in a high enough position that allows you to comfortably replace it. Then continue to loosen the nuts until they come off and once they do, make sure that you store them in a safe place so that you don’t accidentally misplace them. Finally, carefully wriggle the tyre free from the hub and place it aside.

Putting On the Spare Tyre

Take out your spare tyre and place it on the vacant hub, taking care to position it so that the lug nuts will fit properly. After you’ve secured the spare tyre in place, retrieve the nuts and first screw them into the bolts by hand. Afterwards, tighten them further using the wrench. However take care not to tighten to the fullest extent yet as you can potentially damage the jack by exerting excessive force.

Finishing Up

Lower the jack slowly until the tyre is closer to the ground. Then tighten the nuts to full capacity before proceeding tolower the tyre until it is completely resting on the ground.

With that done, all that’s left to do is put back the tools into your trunk, along with the spare wheel. And there you have it- the easy approach to changing a tyre!

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