Characteristics Of An Effective Battery Management System

The battery management system differs for everyone because our battery needs are different. But even if our battery needs differ having a battery management system is important because not only power outages are avoided, only the dead battery is replaced instead of replacing all the batteries, saving you money in the process. When you go get a battery monitoring system there are features and characteristics that the system should have such as sending a constant notification, battery support, voltage reading and the capacity to monitor all of your batteries.

Constant Notification

A battery management system that monitors your batteries should be able to send you 24/7 notifications regarding the condition and status of your batteries. If the system is flexible enough to send you alerts depending on your preference (email, call alerts, SMS) it is an effective system since you are informed if one or more of your batteries is between an outage to keep your equipment powered up.

Most battery management system has a network operations center to send you alerts regarding your battery but if you have a battery monitor that would inform you whenever and wherever you are, you would feel at peace that you would not experience unexpected outages.

Battery Support

Since we all have different battery needs, it is better that you purchase a battery monitoring system that works for all types of batteries and voltages so you would not have to buy a monitoring system for the different types of batteries that you use.

A flexible battery support that could read different battery orientations, could work with various battery connectors and could accommodate numerous voltage ranges is adaptable and recommended. A megatronic lead acid battery monitor is accurate and ensures early detection of deteriorating batteries.

Voltage Reading

A battery monitoring system that sends alerts should also have a continuous (not to mention accurate) voltage reading because how are you going to be alerted that one of your batteries is almost out if the voltage is not constantly read and monitored?

Batteries could be discharged and you would not have any knowledge of it if you are just doing a periodic reading of voltages. You would just be surprised when the power just went suddenly out. With real time voltage reading you could be informed if your batteries are about to be out and you could replace them even before they cause you any trouble.

Capacity To Monitor All Your Batteries

Since a battery management system is necessary to monitor your batteries’ life, it should be adequate and have the capacity to watch over ALL of your batteries. Make sure that the battery management system you purchased or will purchase is adequate enough to support all the voltages of your batteries.

There are those who overlooked the necessity of a battery cell monitoring system because they thought it is just another expenditure. But with the benefits of knowing your batteries’ condition and status all the time and knowing if one is falling out of its fitting voltage and temperature range actually improves the constancy of your batteries.

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