How to Dispose Tyres in an Eco-Friendly Manner

When it’s time to replace the existing vehicle tyres with newer ones, we are often burdened by having no place to dispose the older tyres. There are many people who opt to the solution of burning the tyres which then causes a lot of toxic smoke of rubber and chemicals which may harm someone to an extent where, what was assumed to be the solution gives rise to other drastic future problems. This article highlights the best ways of disposing tyres when they are not needed, so refer below for them;

Contact Your Local Council

Your local council can be your first option to disposing things that may harm the environment if you do it yourself. Another advantage of doing so is because you can be guaranteed to have a solution for you in the eco-friendliest of methods because they are operated by the government of the country, so they are bound to be more concerned towards this.

Reuse or Recycle the Tyres

Many things these days get recycled for a better use. So industrial tyre recycling reduces the rubber tyres to what is called crumb rubber to be used in the manufacture of different things such as sports goods, vehicle parts and fixtures and many other things.

On the other hand, old tyres can also be reused in its natural form in making tyre swings, steppingstones, and buffer for boats, manufacturing ottomans and others. Using old tyres in these forms ensures that any toxic gases are not sent out from trying to burn it as it still gets put into uses. So, this is also considered to be a very effective way of using old tyres in aid of the betterment of the environment while also acting as a cost saving method.

Contact a Waste Disposal Company

If you don’t know the best ways of disposing something that could be harmful, the next best thing that can be done as a solution is to contact a professional waste disposal company who would be very well experienced in disposing all kinds of garbage in a responsible manner. By opting to this way, you can be free of guilt of maybe harming the environment in a bad way through the release of harmful gases or even dumping it in placed not intended for the disposal of garbage which would lead to the mosquitos who carry dangerous diseases. So, when one thing leads to another the only thing you would be left with is guilt of doing so.

Given above are all the possible ways of disposing tyres to the environment in a responsible manner, by following any of the above you can to make your contribution towards the environment in a small or big manner, without making any efforts to destroy the health of the environment any further than it already is. So, be wise when you choose to dispose your tyres through the above options. Good luck with your new tyres and good luck with the disposal of the old tyres as well.

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