How to Prepare For Off-Roading

Do you have a 4×4 vehicle? Are you yearning for a great outdoor adventure? Then by all means consider going on an off-roading excursion.

Off-roading is exhilarating. You have the opportunity to witness beautiful scenery while putting your driving skills to the test on tough terrains. On the other hand, it can be a dangerous sport as well, especially if you’re an inexperienced beginner. If you make a serious mistake out in the wilderness, you might end up putting your life in serious danger.

The best way to ensure that you have a safe off-roading experience is to prepare for it adequately. Here are some tips to help you out:

Plan Ahead Of the Trip

Being spontaneous might sound fun but it can lead to disastrous consequences when you’re talking about something as dangerous as off-roading. First thing you need to do is plan out your route and familiarize yourself with it. If you know someone who has travelled that way before ask him/her for a few tips on what to expect.

We highly recommend you use a GPS device to guide you on your trip. These days there are many powerful GPS apps for smartphones. However, if you’re heading to a very remote location, then you might have trouble getting data coverage. Hence, it’s best to bring along a physical map as well, with your route clearly marked on it.

Prepare Your Vehicle for It

Your SUV or truck is going to put to the test when you’re off-roading. Therefore, it’s best to make sure that it’s in proper condition to handle it. Healthy tyres are an absolute must because you’re going to be up against with rocks, ruts and sticks. If yours is looking a bit worn-out we highly recommend that you get them replaced before you set out on the trip.

A bulbar is useful addition, if you’re going to be traversing the outdoors. They can help your vehicle bear the impact of an animal strike and improve your approach angle when you drive fast. It’s easy to find bull bars online, if you’re local auto shops don’t carry them.

Pack Essential Supplies

If you’re going to be on the trip for a long while, then it’s best to pack a few necessities. This can include:

  • A first aid Kit
  • Blankets
  • Enough bottles of water
  • Extra food
  • Flashlights with extra batteries
  • A flare gun
  • A long-range walkie talkie
  • A power bank and an extra charger for your phone

In addition to these, you should also stock up on items that are important for your vehicle. First and foremost, a spare tyre is a must. There are many things that can damage your tyres while you’re off-roading and you don’t want to end up stranded. In addition, you should also carry extra fuel, a tyre patching kit, a car jack, wrenches…etc.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going

Let someone know where you’re going and what route you’ll be taking. Also keep them updated regularly while you’re on the trip. This way, if you get into any trouble and can’t contact anyone, they might take action for you.

Off-roading is great way to have some fun and it’s something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. However, in order to ensure that things go smoothly, you have to be adequately prepared.

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