New vs. Used Auto Parts – Which is Better?

When it comes to parts for vehicles, you can either go the used or new route. New is superior in many ways. We discussed why below.

They Have Good Warranties

If you buy the parts new, you would likely be getting extensive warranties from the dealer. You don’t need us to tell you that auto parts can be expensive. That’s why having to pay for a replacement in the near future is not great.

Sometimes, used options are sold with warranties. However, the coverage wouldn’t be as extensive as with newer alternatives.

Make Use of Return Policies

You won’t be able to return used parts once they’re bought. You probably didn’t buy from a dealer, but from a seller online. He could’ve sold you something not genuine. Or it may not fit well your vehicle as well as you’d like.

When you buy the parts new, you’d be able to return them even if there is nothing wrong with them. You might realize that you don’t need it like you thought you did.

The Parts Would Freely Be Available

Thinking of buying engine blocks? You won’t be able to just pick any up. You’d need to make sure that its dimensions fit your vehicle perfectly. You might find it hard to find the right size second-hand.

The product you’re interested in may have just been released. This makes it impossible to purchase it second-hand.

Your Choices Are Wider

Speaking of not being able to buy what you want used, there is a variety more newer parts on the market. You’d be able to really look around and find a dealer that ticks all of your boxes. For example, how friendly is he? Will he help you find exactly what you need? Does he provide instalment services too? And what’s his prices like?

As there are more people offering new auto parts compared to older ones, you’d easily be able to find someone that offers what you want abroad as well. They could be in a country that has a weaker currency than yours, letting you save cash.

Save Money in The Future

When it comes to the parts, you don’t just have to pay to purchase them. You have to get someone to install them too. When buying a used option, it might not be be in the best condition – it could stop working in the near future.

Not only would you have to spend to purchase a replacement, but you’d have to pay a mechanic to uninstall the old part as well as install the new one.

You unfortunately might be buying the replacement when parts for vehicles are at an all-time high. This would lead to more cash being spent.

Final Thoughts

Although we discussed a few points, there are many more to keep in mind. The above are just the best that represent why newer alternatives are better. You might think that going the used route would save cash, as they’re second-hand. But remember that you’ll have to pay to replace them soon.

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