Types Of Private Transport Available Today

Apart from having a friendly and put together driver, the most important factor to be considered is the driver. But how big can a vehicle be to accommodate your requirements?

There are many different types of vehicles. In general, vehicles are categorized into two groups.

  • Private transport: Accommodates one to eight passengers
  • Group transport: Accommodates more than nine passengers.

There are chauffeurs that drive and maintain both types of vehicles. So let’s go in a little deeper as to what private transport includes.

Private Transport

A car with driver: A very popular form of travel in many countries. The chauffeurs are paid a fixed rate each day and not get paid more for additional waiting time. A little different from the taxi system. Chauffeurs drive everything their employers ask them to, whether it is a battered Tata car or a BMW Convertible. These chauffeurs can be hired for a day, a couple of days or they could be permanent employees. You can find people who chauffeur Melbourne airport.

Taxi: Your everyday cab service. Taxis provide private chauffeured transport. In each country the type of taxi available is different. In India you may find three-wheelers, in London, you may find sleek black cars that fit more than 3 people and in New York, you can find bright yellow can cruising their way through the traffic. Prices are calculated based on local traffic and pricing laws. Taxis can be used to go from one corner to another or for a sightseeing tour.

Luxury Taxis: The word luxury says it all. More comfort and a higher standard. In countries like Spain and Russia, luxury taxis mean BMWs with lots of leg space. So higher standards mean higher prices. But sometimes when demand fluctuates you can get them for a normal taxi price. If you want to make a statement by rolling up in style, luxury taxi it is.

XL Taxi or Taxi Van: A private chauffeured transport type that can accommodate five to eight people. This vehicle type is getting more and more popular today. However, prices depend on local traffic and pricing laws.

Limousines: Oooh la! The first sizzling thought of luxury that comes to our minds. The ultimately luxurious form of travel, highly used by very famous people to make a statement. As the limousine market grows it becoming more affordable. Limousines can seat up to ten passengers.

Classic cars: one of the most exclusive types of transport that shift the air around you. You can pretend to be James bond when rolling in an Ashton Martin or you could zoom around the streets of Maranello in a Ferrari. Like the names, cars are also really expensive. Generally shown off by the millionaires and billionaires of the world.

Group Transport

Buses and coaches are used all around the world and there is a myriad of buses and coaches available. In fact, they get better and better every day. A lot of people prefer group transport but there is a whole other group of people who prefer only private transport.

Private transport has many pros, however, they can be environmentally damaging. But because the majority of us use it, let’s try and sustain the environment in any way we can.

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