Ways to Modify Your Car

There are many car enthusiasts who love to modify their own vehicle to add a little twist of their flavour and to set them apart from the rest and to increase its performance. There are many things you can do below are a list of few things,

First before anything make sure you have paid fully for the car and once you start your modifications the warranty no more applies and make sure you have enough money to spend on modifications, to avoid spending a lot at once make small modifications every month or every two months

Replace Stock Intake

One thing you can do is replace a stock intake with cold air intake. The stock intake is mainly used to reduce the engine noise but doesn’t do much when it comes to horse power, it reduces airflow and restricts fresh air circulation which is not a problem in cold air filter. The cold air intake has a tube that doesn’t limit air flow and has oxygen rich air, this dense colder air is involved with the increased horse power.

Higher Flowing Exhaust

The type of exhaust that you get will affect your engine performance. Normally the cars have an exhaust system that acts as the passage between the engine to the tail pipe. Manifold or headers are pipes that overlie the cylinder of the engine that joins the head pipe, along the setup is a catalytic converter that converts harmful gases like carbon monoxide from being expelled.

This whole mechanics due to the restrictive features are not really good at performance. Higher flowing exhaust system carries this entire process in a much efficient way. the tubes are of higher diameter thereby there is less restriction to air flow. Some of the benefits are, better sound; most consider the growling sound really satisfying and cool, increased efficiency of engine due to the wider pipes and increase horse power.

Replace You Tyres

Tyres are another element that improves the performance of the ca. Try to get bridgestones tyres that provide good traction and don’t burn out easily. There are mainly two types of tyres based on their speed ratings ‘S’ type that are safe till 112 miles per hour and ‘Z’ type which are safe up to 149 mile per hour, most go for the ‘Z ’type as it provides better performance.

Replacing Shocks and Springs

The shock absorber has been placed to provide maximum comfort when you are riding through bumps, but replacing it with a stiffer spring although leading to slight discomfort is better when it comes to maintaining the contact on the tyre with the road therefore providing good friction when braking, accelerating or turning.

Change Rubber Bushing

The suspension has bushing that separates metal parts from one another and involved in weight distribution. But rubber bushings tend to wear down with time therefore it’s better to replace them with stiffer bushing like polyurethane

Change Your Brake System

Upgrade the brake system, for this you can either get a new braking pad or change the entire system

These are some modification. In addition, you can even install a turbocharger and a dry nitrous kit.

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