What Do You Do If Your Car Breaks Down?

If your car has broken down in the middle of the road, you’re stuck in a sticky situation. That’s why you need this article as we’ll be running through everything you need to know, so read ahead if interested.

Did Your Car Stop?

If your vehicle has broken down but it’s still moving this is good as you don’t want it to be stuck in the middle of the road. As it’s still moving, you should direct the car towards the side of the road. This is very important as otherwise, you’ll be causing immense traffic.

Not just traffic, but if your vehicle breaks down on a highway, the fact that you stopped in the middle of it is very dangerous as your vehicle could get hit by another, putting countless lives in danger.

Don’t Get Out Of the Car

One of the biggest mistakes people do when their car breaks down is get out in the middle of the road. You can do this if the road isn’t so busy, but if it is, by getting down you’re risking your life as a speeding vehicle could hit you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to sit inside. However, you should sit inside with the windows opened as you can speak to others on the road, getting help from them.

Do You Have Your Phone With You?

Having a phone with you is very important when your vehicle breaks down. If it broke down in the middle of a normal road, you can contact a tower to get your vehicle back to an auto shop. However, if it’s on the highway, you’d have to speak to the highway patrol as they’re the only people who can help you.

As you can imagine, if you don’t have a phone with you it’d be impossible for you to contact them. You’d have to wait for a car passing by to do it for you.

Is It Dark?

If it’s night time, chances of vehicles seeing you has drastically reduced. To make sure they don’t slam into you, you’ll have to put the car’s interior lights on if you can’t turn on its headlights.

Do You Have Jump Starters?

All drivers should carry jump starters with them as it could save their life. If your vehicle has broken down, it can be used to bring its engine back to life so make sure you carry one at all times, especially if you’re going on a long journey.

In terms of the jump starter, some are better than others which is why you need the best of the best to increase your chances of success so get a hold of names like the NOCO genius boost.

Is It A Flat Tire?

If your vehicle has stopped because of a flat tire, only change it if you’re on the side of the road doing it otherwise can be very dangerous.

If you take note of the above information, you’ll see there are countless things to consider if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road.

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